My Thesis

Before I begin this new blog, I felt that it would be important to list the reasons that I want to begin this site. My primary interest in creating this blog is to record my life as I begin my twenties, through pictures, and having written records of my day to day escapades. I feel like at this current point in my life, I spend too much time sitting at my computer playing games or watching videos and my hope is, creating this blog will help motivate me to get out and seek things that I think are interesting to write about or give my thoughts about. Currently, my interests include; Coffee, music, working out, eating healthy, fashion, reading, and programming. Some of the topics I’m currently planning on writing about include, reviews of some of my favorite music albums and why I enjoy them so much, some of my favorite meals, my experience and progress with running, clothing reviews, coffee shops that I have visited, and talking about new sci-fi books/shows that I’ve read/watched. I plan on including pictures that I’ve taken with all of my blog posts. I currently am using an original Canon rebel, that I’ve had to fix up a fair bit to get running again, but if I am really enjoying photography, then I would be more than willing to upgrade to newer and better camera. I hope that some of these topics I have included sound interesting to readers. I know that as I continue to work on this blog, I will adapt it to what I feel like I find interesting and fun to write and what will actually be worth writing about.


One of the primary reason that wanted to create this blog, was because I felt that I had lost most of my ability to put my thoughts down into writing in a concise and coherent manner. I am currently pursuing a Computer Science degree, which means most of my classes consist of programming, math and physics courses. All of which I am currently loving and am totally engaged in. However, I feel like I have been too many semester gone from a good writing class and have lost much of my ability to simply write my thoughts down. My hope is that in creating this blog, it will help me regain my writing skills, and challenge me to improve them.


Another major reason that I wanted to create this blog is to work on my programming. As a computer science major, I want to have a project that I can work on when I’m not busy with school assignments, and help keep my programming skills fresh. My hope is to keep this site mostly python and HTML based, but I’m sure that I’ll have to bring in some other web-development languages. Which as I’m writing this seems somewhat daunting a task, but I know will help me learn more about programming on the web.


Finally, I know that this thesis is pretty dry, but that was my goal. I wanted to have a good list of reason for motivate and focus myself so that I don’t completely lose track of why I originally created this website. Thanks for reading, this will be considered the “zero” entry to my first blog, and I will have my real entry posted within the week!

One thought on “My Thesis

  1. You are a goober.

    Seriously, now… I admire your goal to keep writing in the midst of a heavy load of math and computer science.

    Do good work!

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