First off, I want to apologize for my absence! My initial reaction is to make a list of excuses for why I stopped my posts, but to be completely honest, I’ve just been feeling lazy. Instead, I figured I’d give an update on what I was up to while I was gone this last month. I’ve had quite a bit change in my life in this last month surprisingly, I quit my job to focus on school, which has affected my obsessive coffee drinking, I’ve taken a break from heaving running, and have been focusing on weight lifting, and finally I’ve really gotten into audiobooks, which has meant that my music consumption has also gone way down. So far the start of 2018 has starkly contrasted where I was this time last year. To ring in my first post-absence post I wanted to talk about how I feel that these changes have affected me. I hope you enjoy!

The Coffee Shop

Leaving my job at the coffee shop was not something I did lightly. For as much I complained to my housemates about the small and petty interactions that are a common occurrence in any minimum wage customer-service style job, I truly loved working at the coffee shop. In total I had worked at Aptos Coffee for over a year and a half, with just about half of my total time there working as a shift supervisor. In my time at that shop I had developed a great customer base and an amazing group of coworkers who became some of my best friends. The coffee shop’s primary clientele was, for the most part, middle aged to elderly folks. This meant that the shop stayed relatively slow, with the exception of weekend morning, obviously. I worked almost exclusively as the weekend closing supervisor, with an occasional morning shift. I worked this position consistently, every weekend for just about a year. Which may seem that it would get old after awhile; however, I really enjoyed closing the shop. Unfortunately, in my last Fall semester at the community college I am attending, I was finding myself slowly losing motivation to go out, workout, and even at times study! Due to my work and school schedule I never got a full day off of school and work, and often found myself coming home late at night from closing the shop to finish my homework assignments that were due the next morning. With this Spring semester coming up, which included some of the toughest classes I have taken yet, with them being the last in their respective course series, before I transferred to a University to finish my degree. I was forced to make a tough decision: continue to get by in school with grades lower than the standard I hold myself to, or fully commit myself to my last semester at school and stop working at the coffee shop.


It’s been just about three weeks since I worked my last day. I also have committed myself to stop drink coffee temporarily. After nearly two years of always having free strong coffee at my disposal, I hadn’t realized utterly dependent I had become! I’ve been weaning myself slowly off of my caffeine dependence by drinking tea. Luckily, I haven’t been feeling too tired or feeling too many withdrawal symptoms savefrom some afternoon headaches. In these past weeks, I’ve also noticed how much my insistent coffee drinking was affecting my motivation and the clearness of my thoughts. In just these past three weeks I feel like I am much more cognizant of my schoolwork and am able to participate more effectively in my classes. I wish I had recognized how detrimental my coffee obsession has become earlier. I have also committed myself to give coffee up for Lent. I figure by the Easter I should have fully kicked my caffeine dependence. This is not to say that I will never drink coffee again, I really do love coffee and after Lent I plan on drinking it on occasion.


Workout mix up

At the start of the New Year I promised myself that I would finally start putting on mass. The primary motivation for this was because of a doctor’s visit last year, where I was informed that I was at risk of being to thin and it actually being detrimental to my health. This really came as a shock to me. I had always been proud of my ability to eat healthily and stay relatively lean. However, I needed an outside perspective to allow me to realize that I was trying to be too thin for my body type. Initially, I had a hard time accepting that if I wanted to feel better, I would need to put on some weight. It was,and continues to be hard for me to not be overly self conscious of my body. Nevertheless, I knew that if I wanted to stop feeling constantly fatigued I had to change some things. First off, I changed my eating patterns, now I try not to be overly concerned about the quantity that I eat. My main focus with what I’m eating however, is to intake as much protein as I can. Secondly, and somewhat sadly, I’ve decided to take a step back from my previous heavy running routine. In its place however, has been a focus on strength training which I have started to see results from already! I feel that the combination of these two changes will help me put some more weight on, and I’ve already put on about 5 lbs. I haven’t completely given up on running, I still do indulge myself on occasion to take a nice run down to the beach. This is a subject I feel like I will probably devote a whole post to in the future because staying healthy and active is a huge part of my life and I’m still trying to figure out how this new routine works best for me.


Music VS. Audiobooks

In the past year I’ve actually started getting more and more into audiobooks! I’ve listened to audiobooks for years now, through the Audible app, but recently I’ve gotten really into them. The books I’ve listened to recently include, The Goblin Emperor, 11/22/63(which was really great), Artemis, The Dante Club, and currently the first book in the Game of Thrones series. I am really enjoying A Song of Ice and Fire, George R.R. Martin’s writing in combination with excellent narration by Roy Dotrice is extremely engaging. I get excited every time that I plug my phone into my car, or when I get to the gym to continue the medieval epic. Unfortunately, because of my current audiobook consumption, my music consumption has gone way down. While I am still very interested in writing more music reviews, similar to my Morning Phase music review earlier this year, they may not be quite as in-depth as that review was.


Once again, I would like to apologize for my absence. With this being my last semester of Community College before I transfer, there may be weeks where I am completely devoted to my school work and will put the blog on the back burners. I can guarantee that this blog is here to stay! Thanks for reading!

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