The Industrial City

Over this last year, I’ve taken several trips to San Fransisco and can’t seem to get enough of the city. There is so much variety, within the immediate city itself and some of the surrounding cities such as Oakland and Berkeley, that I think is meant to be explored. These photos are from several different trips I’ve taken over the past year, I hope you enjoy!



Holes in the Sky


China Town Lanterns
Street Corner
Car Parts
Green steps
Green Doors
Painted Mountains
Painted Mountians
Super Succulents
Super Succulents
Trunk Eye
Wooden Eye

Two types of Trees


This gallery obvioiusly didn’t have a strong central theme, but I’ve been meaning to post some of these for awhile now, and they never seemed to fit in my other galleries, so I should just throw them altogether. Once again, I hope you enjoyed, and have a nice day.