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About Me

Who is Samuel Gibson?

I am a 23 year old Software Developer Alumn of University of California, Santa Cruz.
My hobbies include Reading, Hiking, Photography, Graphic Design, and of course Software Design.

I am Currently living in Californa, and am searching for a job in the Software Development Industry.


During my 2 years at UCSC, I worked part-time in the Information Technology Services Department. My everyday responsibilites included management and upkeep of all on campus computer labs. I also spent most of my time responding to, and creating support tickets.

Projects Since Graduating:

After graduating in March 2020, I've stayed busy by working on my web development skills. My first major project after graduating, was sportsim. Sport Sim is a passion project to model what the rest of the 2019-2020 National Basketball Association's season would've looked like if it hadn't prematurely ended. Created using python, and the web development library Django.

I spent 5 quarter at UCSC before graduating early.
My Software classes include: