Photography Class Final

Recently, I took a photography class through my university. It was a great change of pace to actually have my works critiqued. I believe that the critiquing process, increased the overall quality of my works. As the title states, the photos in this gallery will feature photos that I showed off in my final art presentation at the end of the quarter. Some of these photos may have been featured on this page before. I felt that those returning works fit the theme I was working with. My goal with these photos was to have a broad range of subject matter that kept the viewer somewhat disoriented. The motif throughout the gallery primarily focused on the use of negative space. I hope you enjoy!


Under Water
Front Row Seat


Land’s End

The Industrial City

Over this last year, I’ve taken several trips to San Fransisco and can’t seem to get enough of the city. There is so much variety, within the immediate city itself and some of the surrounding cities such as Oakland and Berkeley, that I think is meant to be explored. These photos are from several different trips I’ve taken over the past year, I hope you enjoy!



Holes in the Sky


China Town Lanterns
Street Corner
Car Parts
Green steps
Green Doors
Painted Mountains
Painted Mountians
Super Succulents
Super Succulents
Trunk Eye
Wooden Eye

Two types of Trees


This gallery obvioiusly didn’t have a strong central theme, but I’ve been meaning to post some of these for awhile now, and they never seemed to fit in my other galleries, so I should just throw them altogether. Once again, I hope you enjoyed, and have a nice day.

Lands End

This last weekend I took a quick trip to the San Fransisco Coastline and toured the Lands End park. This park really seems to have everything, rocky coastlines, forestry, caves, and even the remains of an old bath house.Despite only being in the park for about 4 hours, I was able to get a fun and diverse set of photos. I hope you like them.


Rock off the Shore

Along the Bay coast of the Bay.



Steep decline.


Open pipe

Crack Pipe.


Murky Water



Brick Tiles

Broken Foundations.





Caution Nature

Cautionary Nature.


White Bark



View to the Ocean

A view to the Ocean.





Thanks for checking out another gallery. I hope you enjoyed it. As a beginning photographer, I was very fortunate to be in a setting with such stunning and unique views.

Christmas on the Beach

Welcome back, I know its been awhile. I finally got a new camera after my last bit the dust. After a lot of consideration, I decided to go with a beginners camera. I now own a FujiFilm X-E2, which I absolutely love! Similarily, I have an easy to use, basic lens, the FujiFilm 27mm f2.8, which is akin to a pancake lens. This lens despite its size has really blown me away with its ability to take great pictures. My hope now is to continue to stay motivated to take pictures and continue to post them. Anways, I hope you enjoy my new photo Gallery.



Waiting in Line 12:25:2018

This picture was taken at the Diamond Head National Park in Hawaii. What you see in the picture is a long and winding line waiting to enter the old retired military base stationted at the top of the mountain/volcano.


Long way to go 12:24:2018

This picture was taken on the same hike of Diamon Head as the previous picture. The first picture was taken early in the morning, and this picture was taken as we were leaving. I love how this picture turned out for multiple reasons, the colors came out great and there is a sense of depth in the picture. Most of all though, I love the kid front and center, lamenting that he still has the entire rest of the hike uphill to go.


Bunker 12:24:2018

This picture was taken of the bunker on top of Diamond Head. I thought that this picture  had great contrast against the primarily aqua and grassy colors that come to mind when you picture Hawaii.  I also enjoyed the idea of having some man made landscapes to contrast the natural landscapes that are featured here in my gallery.


Palm Texture 12:24:2018

A theme in photography that I’ve always enjoyed was texture. Having an eye texture is something I’ve tried to work on, and this is one of my examples from this gallery. I felt that palm trees are typically associated with Hawaii so I decided to take a picture of them in a unconventional way.


Palm Height 12:24:2018

Despite what I said in my previous picture, I couldn’t help myself, I had to take the stereotypical palm tree picture.


Rocks 12:25:2018

I wish I could say what I found so interesting about these rocks, but my best guess was the combinations of the color and the textures. This picture was taken on the hike up Diamond Head. I felt that these rocks stood out because they had this white patch on them that none of the other rock along the hike shared.



Keepoff Hawaii 12:25:2018

My favorite picture from my trip to Hawaii. This was taken at the very top of the Diamond Head hike. The hike was on Christmas day, hence the christmas tree.  When taking this picture I actually had no idea there was a rainbow, so that was a nice treat.


Colored Lagoon 12:25:2018

This was taken at “The Lagoon”. Which is a man made lake that is drained and re filled each day for tourists and residents at the nearby hotels. I enjoy this picture for its wide range of colors.


Commercial District 12:24:2018

The view from our hotel was gorgeous. Especially loved the starkly blue building against the majority of tan buildings.


The Pacific 12:24:2018

I decided to make this picture the featured image for the gallery. I enjoy this picture because I feel like it sums up my trip to Hawaii well. It features the Pacific Ocean, some of the industrial district, and Diamond Head in the background.


Well I hope you enjoyed this gallery of my time in Hawaii. I enjoyed the trip and was really glad that I was able to take pictures of my time there.





Welcome to my first photo gallery! Sorry it took me so long to get it posted but I’ve been out of town and I wanted my first gallery to be based on places near my home. My Idea behind this first set of photos was to just take some relaxing and pleasing pictures.

Enjoy! And remember to relax.

Right off the coast.
Monterey Bay coast trail walk.
Growing up in a rock bed.
Overlooking the cliff edge.
Probably my favorite picture of this gallery, if you look closely on the right, you can see a bench for perspective.
Sticking out like a sore thumb.
Silhouette for scale.
Man’s best friend.
Spilling over.
My travel companion.

Thanks for checking out my first gallery, I know that these pictures are really rough, but I’ll keep practicing.